Healthy Eating & Active Living

Healthy Eating & Active Living Committee

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Committee Leaders:

Sara Curtis
Ana C. Monterrey

Unacceptable Reality

Up to 50% of children in Harris County are overweight or obese. Our patients suffer from co-morbidities of obesity due lack of access to good nutrition or adequate physical activity.

Obesity in Houston, TX

  • Texas is ranked 6th in the nation for childhood obesity.
  • 33% of Texan children and 46% of children living in Harris County are obese.
  • These children have >67% risk of being obese at 35 years of age, and obesity is associated with lifelong health and productivity consequences.
  • For the child, being overweight or obese can lead to an increased risk for many physical and emotional health problems.
  • Texas cannot afford these high rates of obesity.
  • In 2005, obese adults cost Texas businesses $3.3 billion per year – today’s obese children are poised to triple Texas’ current adult obesity rate by 2040, and obesity-related expenses are projected to skyrocket.
  • Obesity prevention is a cost-effective way to increase survival rates, productivity, and quality of life.

Can we reverse this trend? Absolutely. Other states are making progress and DFC believes that Texas can reverse this dangerous and costly trend by implementing evidence-based policy changes!

Our Work in Preventing Obesity and Promoting Wellness

We collaborate with other organizations, like Children at Risk and Healthy Living Matters, on the fight against obesity.

We advocate for a healthy Texas.

We engage with our community: We seek to form partnerships between health professionals and schools, increasing communication, resources and knowledge between these two entities by:

  • Providing advocacy training and resources to local schools and educators that promote evidence-based best practices for protecting the health of Houston’s children. Visit the School Health and Wellness Toolkit online for more information about how we can work together to improve wellness.
  • Celebrating healthy lifestyles through an annual Youth Art and Creative Writing Competition. We hope that this competition will foster increased awareness on how important a healthy lifestyle is to our children! Learn more about this year’s competition.