School Health and Wellness Toolkit

  • Physical Activity Section

    This section focuses on strategies to add physical activity into students’ day. It highlights local and national programs that schools are participating in to increase physical activity. It also lists some online resources available to schools to enhance what they are already doing or assist with starting new programs.

  • Nutrition Section

    This section focuses on nutrition and includes local and national programs that help schools adding teaching about nutrition and healthy food choices into their curriculum or after school activities. Other online resources included here provide schools with educational materials and tools to help make healthier choices more appealing.

  • Funding and Grant Opportunities Section

    This section lists programs and organizations that offer grants or have funding available to schools to assist in starting or maintaining wellness programs. Also included are several databases with search engines to find even more grants and funding sources. Grant writing resources are also included.

  • Individual Success Stories

    This section includes stories from schools across Texas and United States that have implemented successful wellness programs. Get ideas for your own school and learn more about what worked for these schools.

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